White giraffe found in Kenyan conserve

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Giraffes are fascinating, with their long neck and legs having always evoked wonder in human minds. Now, a village in Kenya has identified a rare kind of giraffe–one that is white in color!

In June 2017, a villager in rural Kenya was herding his animals near the Hirola conservancy when he saw something that shocked him. He was looking at a white-colored giraffe. In fact, by its side was a juvenile, which was also nearly as white.

When the team from Hirola Conservation Program heard about this sighting, they decided to investigate the matter and went to the spot. They found that what the villager claimed was true. There were actually white-colored giraffes. Only two such sightings were reported in the past—one in January 2016 in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, and the second one in March 2016 in Ishaqbini conservancy, Garissa county, Kenya.


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